Insulin and CBD

We’re going to travel into our physiology right into our central nervous system and we’re going to see at the level of the individual that the cell’s surface is covered with these green receptors. These are receptors for cbd and when the CBD binds to that receptor, it sends a message into the cell which […]

CBD for Arthritis Pain Relief

Though many people use CBD oil to help relieve chronic pain, there are a lot of stigmas associated with CBD pain relief. While CBD is a cannabinoid, it doesn’t produce a “high” or any psychoactive effects like other cannabinoids. In fact, your body naturally creates a kind of cannabinoids on its own. These are called endocannabinoids, and […]

10 Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Better known as CBD, it is one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa (1). Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and causes the sensation of getting “high” that’s often associated with […]