Green Earth Botanicals

Founded in 2018, Green Earth Botanicals was founded by two long-time friends in South Florida. Our brand mission is to provide a natural and holistic approach to maintaining a health and wellness lifestyle. We want to help you see more, do more, and be more. Green Earth Botanicals products are sourced and manufactured in the United States in GMP/FDA approved facilities. We are transparent with our products and provide certificates of analysis upon request. What we put on our labels is EXACTLY what is in the product you purchased, and to ensure that, we are also transparent with our potency tests. We utilize several Third Party Labs to make sure our consumers are getting the dosages they have paid for. In today’s market, we want to be consistent, honest, and fair to our consumers. You have made the commitment to us with your loyalty, and we want to make the same commitment to you with our quality. Trust is important, and we thank you for trusting Green Earth Botanicals to provide you with the highest quality and effective products you have come to expect.

With our industry-leading quality control system, customers are able to look up third party lab test results for every batch of product we make, and our strict sourcing and business practices embody our dedication to a sustainable and healthy global community. Green Earth Botanicals, feel better with nature!

Better with Nature